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Jesup Georgia General Contractor Presents The Top Design Trends For 2012

Jesup Georgia General Contractor Presents The Top Design Trends For 2012Image is important. You have a desire for clients to see your office space as modern, sophisticated, and competitive. Some new design trends have developed for 2012, and you will want to take advantage of them. First of all, colors are paramount. Think "earthly" and "calming." The color blue was popular in 2011, and it continues to be today. Select shades of blue that do not overwhelm, but may be accentuated by greys. Go with smoky shades of grey that aren’t overpowering. For example, industrial steely grey can create a placid, welcoming workspace. Subtle green colors are also en vogue, as are browns. Show favoritism towards lighter brown colors, like Khaki and tan. Try to avoid the darker browns. Tones of basil, olive, and rustic green hues are also aesthetically pleasing. In regards to flooring, opt for renewable materials and environmentally friendly products. As one example, bamboo is both sustainable and eco-friendly. Hardwoods that have wider planks and have rich, opulent tones are in fashion. You can achieve a very classy look using ordinary hardwood materials, like hickory, oak, cherry, pine, and maple. When choosing carpet, select something that is made from recycled and reclaimed products to stay within the environmentally conscious mindset. If you’re on a tight budget, vinyl flooring can replicate the appearance of true hardwood. Luxury vinyl tile is quite popular in hospital settings, offices, and other commercial properties. The similarity between this tile and hardwood is astounding. In terms of office furniture, green, natural living has also become trendy as well. Wood has supplanted metal and glass due to its warmer feel. Furniture is becoming more compact, and is often created with multiple purposes in mind. Create a modern atmosphere by going with smaller furniture pieces rather than enormous, bulky ones. This year, the style is more oriented towards smooth, rounded lines instead of sharp edges. A great deal of modern business is being conducted using smart phones and newer technology. Select furniture that has been especially designed to work with these modern devices, featuring charging ports for phones and laptop computers. And once again, choose warmer colors like blue, grey, and green. As you explore new interior design trends and ideas, focus on making your office calm and inviting rather than cold and industrial. If available, use things made from renewable or sustainable materials, and avoid using colossal office furniture. Instead, go with modern looking multi-purpose types of furniture.

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