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Southeast Georgia Commercial Construction General Contractor Presents The Top Ten Reasons To Build Green

Southeast Georgia General Contractor Presents The Top Ten Reasons To Build Green10. Save energy

9. Better air quality

8. Less maintenance

7. Room temperature stability

6. Less building waste

5. Among the best builders

4. It is not difficult

3. Help the earth

2. Green monetary incentives

1. It is the best thing to do for the environment

Much of the nation’s older commercial buildings are not green. More and more building owners are making them green. In fact, one of the first places to start is making sure all construction upgrades have the Energy Star Label for Buildings program. Overholt Construction, headquartered in Jesup Ga. leads the way in helping clients remodel their existing structures using the green philosophy. As a leading general contractor in Southeast Georgia, Overholt Construction works with every client to plan a structure that uses green building materials as well as green commercial construction methods.

Energy Star is the place to start for two reasons:
First, Energy Star was developed initially for commercial buildings.
Second, saving electric or heating fuel costs is the best way to save money and that can free up funds that can be used in other green methods.

Energy Star can lead to LEED-EB O&M certification. A commercial construction project must score at least 69 on the Energy Star program to get LEED-EB O&M certification. Energy Star uses a 100-point scale to measure energy usage and savings.

There are various techniques to jump up the score of a commercial construction building in Energy Star. One of the easiest low-cost ways is to make sure that you are not conditioning unoccupied rooms and spaces.

Increasing the score can be done in the commercial remodeling process with Overholt Construction as your commercial builder. As the leading general contractor in Southeast Georgia Overholt Construction can put these green plans in place during the remodeling process.

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Overholt Homes is the unparalleled leader in residential construction throughout Southeast Georgia. Our expert design and construction team handles every detail of the construction process, from the initial design through the last coat of paint. You will be confident and assured that all aspects of your project will be handled with the care and diligence you deserve.

Green Building Practices

Imagine a place where life slows down, and family and friends are the most important part of your day.

Imagine a home where all of the things you love can exist in harmony in the same space.

Changing small factors prior to construction means little to no additional cost and can make a large impact on the local environment.


From retail centers to stand-alone commercial buildings, Overholt Construction specializes in commercial construction throughout Southeast Georgia. Whether your design calls for a modest retail outlet to a glamorous office building, Overholt Construction expert team will build value into your project. You will be confident and assured that all aspects of your project will be handled with the care and diligence you deserve.